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On October 8, 2014, 18 community members met at a table on the first floor of coffee shop/book store El Taller in Lawrence, MA. We did not know what to expect but we came with curiosity, hope and the desire to build community. Over a year later, #WritingClubWednesdays has become the longest running community led program at El Taller and continues to attract new people every week by word of mouth.


Writing clubs provide a space for the expression of thoughts and sharing of stories but they are also a way of gathering with people you may not regularly spend time with.

The anticipated end of the year showcase production is the ultimate collaboration of the larger community as people from all walks of life come together to share about their community and to celebrate it. On October 30, 2015, a packed room at El Taller came together to REWIND and celebrate year one as we read pieces from various writing clubs and shared photos from our gatherings.

The Common Sage aims to restore the pride of the city and build bridges within the city and beyond. With each guests that comes from outside of Lawrence, we welcome the opportunity to share the Lawrence experience and have people go back to their home towns and cities with something good to share about our city.

We believe that through weekly gatherings, organic growth, and a community led model, individuals and communities can transform socially.

Building community and restoring voice one writing club at a time.

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Check us out!
#WritingClubWednesdays at 7:00pm
El Taller
275 Essex Street Lawrence, MA

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