How do you build greatness in our city?

If the goal is to build a city And the makeup of that city is it’s people You are asking, How do we build up A people to greatness? How do we take what Don Carlos adds with his bodega And Sandra’s beauty shop And together paint plans that make their existence Shine on paper? … Continue reading

Love held high

I never knew that pain could bleed beauty Had I known I would have let myself fall Become vulnerable in your sight Consumed by your power And not held you back from my weak core So that you could paint the skies with the colors of my broken soul I’d break into pieces and come … Continue reading

I, too, am America.

I, Too BY LANGSTON HUGHES I, too, sing America. I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen When company comes, But I laugh, And eat well, And grow strong. Tomorrow, I’ll be at the table When company comes. Nobody’ll dare Say to me, “Eat in the kitchen,” Then. Besides, They’ll … Continue reading

Walking in someone else’s shoes

Inspired by the documentary “On the way to school” by Pascal Plisson. In response to the prompt: Walking in someone else’s shoes I’m not wearing any shoes The journey ahead would only tear them wide open They’d be filled with sand and covered in mud So I stay barefoot All ninety or so minutes From … Continue reading


This was written during the first ever community writing group session with The Common Sage on 10/08/14. 15 months later, community members from all walks of life continue to gather around the table to write, listen, share and engage in meaningful discussions. Prompt: When you look in the mirror My mirror has been cracked Nobody … Continue reading

15 Lessons from 2015

In no particular order: Be mindful about how you make others feel. If you’re going to make a mistake, make it big and make it count. Make it a lesson to remember. Become a listener. Speak only when it improves the silence. Learn from others. Observe. Don’t judge. Just connect the dots. Friends are not … Continue reading

Let me fall

If you see me falling Please don’t catch me Know that I jumped To see if I could fly To feel what it’s like To have no ground beneath me And only the air to guide me Hope as my wings Only love can save me Why do we care to notice When people are … Continue reading


You remind me of the last day of summer Still hot with a touch of ocean But cool enough to make me forget The Death to take place around me When Fall arrives, it doesn’t knock And it sure doesn’t sit down for a cup of tea If you were Fall, I’d say we’ve never … Continue reading

The Great I AM

Whoever said Love hurts was wrong God is Love and has no plan to cause harm Plans to prosper, and give you hope Love that showers Love that never fails  Whoever said nothing last forever Does not see That the one who died on the cross for you and me Did so to take away … Continue reading


When I say I DO I want the whole world to hear that the love I have committed to is a love you should fear Fire could not burn down the link of this new pair in Holy matrimony I want to make the engaged question their own engagment and wonder if they got what … Continue reading