Who is Miss V?

“I’m a dreamer and an achiever. A friend and sister to many. A daughter in hopes of being a mommy one day. I’m a believer in Christ. I wear my heart on my sleeve. What is a poker face?

Follow me. Join me. Cry with me. Laugh with me. Live. Without me. Hehe.”

Smiles and laughter,
Miss V

In October 2015, I was featured on The Fuschia Files. A copy of the article can be read below or you can take a moment to check out the Fuschia Files site!



OCTOBER 21, 2015

So I have a thing for women. Women in charge, women making strides and women who are just proud to be whatever the title entails them to be. So I decided to pull from my own pool to create a series of #girlchats, if you will, to highlight their proudest accomplishments, what they won’t leave the house without, and `what drives them to be relentless with purpose. This marks the first of several features of trailblazing women making a difference in their field and conquering the world flawlessly meanwhile. I ask them 5 questions, in which they answer personally, professionally, and colorfully. Meet my women crushes.

First, Jessica V. She’s a literature aficionado, created a writing club in her hometown that has made headlines from scratch for it’s radical reaction in the community, got her Master’s at Merrimack College this year and enjoys nights filled with Salsa.



Jessica, Jessie, Jess. 30 years young and still feeling like I’m 21 🙂

I’m the daughter of two hard working parents and sibling to three sisters–all with very different personalities! I’ve been blessed to have a tight knit family and to have grown up with values that I uphold today. My style of dancing will reveal my Puerto Rican roots if my curly hair and mocha skin does not give it away. I’m also a Lawrence kid. I grew in a city with a lot of potential and am finally seeing that potential come to life. Through my professional work as well as my organizing efforts, I can say that I am a part of positive change in my community. I was not always this involved in my city though–it took moving to LA for a couple years and coming back to see with `new eyes where I really came from and to be proud of that.

Being a Lawrence kid or an urban kid puts a label on you when you are growing up. So many challenges and stigmas to overcome–it almost becomes normal for people looking in to not expect much from you. But my story is a bit different. When I say I am a Lawrence kid, I am also proud to say that as a Lawrence kid that went through the public school system, I also went off to college, studied abroad, traveled far, went to grad school and am always looking for ways to keep on growing.

People always ask me why do I dedicate so much time to the community and my answer is this. It’s my home–my backyard. An extension to my family. We take care of those we love and so why wouldn’t the community you live in count? I want to be able to make my living environment better but also be able to walk down the street and feel comfortable in my surroundings–getting to know many people in the community has allowed me to reach that place.



First thing that comes to mind is Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman-


Now you understand

Just why my head’s not bowed.

I don’t shout or jump about

Or have to talk real loud.

When you see me passing,

It ought to make you proud.

I say,

It’s in the click of my heels,

The bend of my hair,

the palm of my hand,

The need for my care.

’Cause I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.

I’ve grown to be confident in my own skin, not focusing on what others think of me but instead, constantly reflecting on what tools I need to grow and be the best me, for me. The definition of a woman will be different for different women because we have all arrived to this status differently. to me, a woman is someone who embraces her flaws, smiles at her critics and is not dependent on anyone’s approval. She’s simply unapologetic with being herself.


My faith. Coffee. Lipstick. A good book. Good friends. Notebook and pen. And a dream. Can’t leave the house in the morning without a dream.


Funny how I was asked this question recently by someone I just met. I don’t know the answer to this. I suppose I can give a calculated answer and say that I hope to be married with two kids, own a home and be traveling the world. But I’ve learned through experience that so much planning can result in so many disappointments and missed moments. I am choosing to be content with now and I like how that is going for me. At my age, I have found success in completing a masters program before the age of 30, getting a glimpse of the world, building strong relationships and being an active citizen in my community–although I realize that is not how everyone measures success. I’m ok with that. I’m content and that’s all that matters. Being content is a success in itself!



Every week I reflect on the ups and downs and take note of the things that worked and didn’t. I’m proud of moments where I stop procrastinating and send that email and get things moving. Mini accomplishments do it for me. I’ve had milestones like many people like school graduations and getting the job but those will always be milestones for me and not accomplishments. I feel accomplished when I see change happening around me and I had a part in it– like building community though The Common Sage, a community writing club I founded a year ago. That was never a planned out initiative- it just happened. Organic growth through true relationship building, one week at at time.

Follow Jess and her whimsical endeavors on her Facebook or reach her here (valentin.j@gmail.com). Take it all in. These kind of women really do exist and they’re all around you. You can also find them here, next week and the one after that. Let’s celebrate, because who run the world? #GIRLS

w/ love & fash,

C. Pimentel xo


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