We are change. I am change.

My response to the question: If you could be any great leader and make change in Lawrence as that person, who would you be?

Long before Mother Theresa’s iconic image of old age
She was as young as me
And MLK was even younger
When he began organizing
So why do I need to imagine being like them
to impact my city?
I already am

We move more poetry
And the flow of emotion when we meet
Our gatherings are like the fire
In an angry citizen in Flint
It can’t die

Our revolution is not being televised
But written in the notebooks of
Fed up and hushed teachers
Underpaid nonprofit soup kitchen workers
Passioned, community building coffee shop owners
High school freshmen
Home aids
And baseball coaches

And it’s time we release our power
Into our city to move that which hasn’t moved
In ages
And shake the minds of those who don’t
Believe we can

Our Common Sages aren’t so common
When they speak
We have he knowledge of the streets
And degrees to take back what is ours
And remain a part of the process
Of change

We are change
I am change

So why do we look to images of the greats
Who rest in our books
When he greats surround us today

Why dream of making an impact?
Let’s realize that it’s already happening
Stand up, keep moving
And let’s make Lawrence proud



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