Untitled by Yari Gabin

You are me and I’m you

You don’t know me
Shit, I barely know me
Never mind what my life has consisted of

How can decisions start taking place, from what seems to look eye level, general
Not looking beneath the underneath
To what starts making me

A place I’ve crawled, walked, ran, and still dream

Se hace camino al andar

Disorientated but still knowing my location
Stripping away what formed me
Making my city, for we not to recognize, what it use to be

Don’t you underestimate the power of love!
To show you how quick it’s to know, we
Becoming one
Building a bond
In what we fond

As you try to blur our vision

Taking away, me

Introducing us to places that you foresee

Treating me like I have Alzheimer’s
But you see Alzheimer’s is a disease
that gets trigger when you start placing me
in surroundings I’ve never even seen

Alzheimer’s never loses the feeling of love
It’s when you take us away
we start to show signs of craziness,
along with desperation,I can’t explain that you’re ripping me apart and all we want, for it just to be all the same again!

You really going to make us paint you a picture on minds and hearts?

It’s possible

And He sings

Our love being one, even a blind man can see!

Don’t force me to die for all I lived

It’s the not knowing that creates the knowing giving answers I never knew I had in me

So go ahead, Say Start – and I’ll go

Cause You can’t tell me more about me

than what I now know



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