Untitled by Chau Nguyen

Rome wasn’t build in a day. Lawrence, or any city striving to better itself, won’t be either. To build a great city, we have to build great citizens. What constitutes a great citizen will depend on who one asks. Regardless of opinion, I believe it should be universal that we should start with the education our citizens have access to. Mandela said, “education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” If fully utilized, that great city we greatly desire will be built. A more educated population means a more aware population. From what I’ve experienced so far, many people that I have come in contact with here are aware of the difficulties that Lawrence faces. Incredibly, but not surprisingly, most of these Lawrencians have students. Unfortunately, however, many of them are unaware of their power in these matters. Many times they express, “What can I do?” Hell, with an effective education, the possibilities are endless.


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