Untitled by Anil (Nilly) Acosta

Don’t assume or speak for me/
how do you build greatness in a city?

I have heard the term thrown around before. This “urban renewal”. This glorified term that did anything but renew. It was the term they used in the Bronx before my neighbors across the street were evicted. The term used before they raised our rent 825.00 dollars. The term they used before they closed down the local bakery and turned it into a Starbucks. I don’t like that term. That term is what pushed me to Lawrence in the first place.

I don’t trust em. I have no reason to. They have grants but grants are not necessarily for the good. Where did their grants come from? Why should we trust people not from here that come here with their own intentions before speaking to anyone here. This city is already great. I think a possible way to make it better would be if these people took their grant and go fuck themselves with it. I’m not trying to move again. Don’t make me move again. I know how this works. The first ones that are forced to move are usually the ones I love. You don’t come up with a great plan for a city within this timeline. You’re not gonna make Lawrence quote unquote “great” by using some plan that’s to be decided by May 2016. I’m not leaving this city. Not yet.


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