How a city can achieve greatness by Robert Richardson

Let’s start by saying that that the main thing, or raw material, is having a little bit of imagination.  Then, finding the way of channel it to the appropriate persons or city authorities.  Individuals must get involved with community groups or institutions, to find out about ideas or projects out there that may benefit or jeopardize their community.  However, in order to bring in new people and new ideas, it is necessary to motivate them to participate in the process.  How can we accomplish this? Well, it’s up for discussion.  But some things for sure we need to do is to:

  1. Elevate the educational level of our community members.
  2. To find ways of motivating them to get involved, and interested in whatever is affecting, or may benefit the community.

Greatness does not come from just one person or one mind.   Making a great city it involves: education, information, participation or integration, decision power, and a defined goal or benefit for its members.


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