How do you build greatness in our city?

If the goal is to build a city
And the makeup of that city is it’s people
You are asking, How do we build up
A people to greatness?

How do we take what Don Carlos adds with his bodega
And Sandra’s beauty shop
And together paint plans that make their existence
Shine on paper?
Make their contributions relevant?
Make sure that after we’ve strategized, we can still see them
On the map?

How do we take what works and build off that
Without following the steps so many have already taken
in places that were once known as Brooklyn?

How do we welcome changes without jeopardizing our assets?
But really-how do we know what is best for all the rest?
For those who have chosen Lawrence as their home
and for many, a place that is their first
American experience

How do we ensure that our plans to improve our city streets
don’t supercede plans to improve the lives of those who walk
those streets?

Don’t assume or speak for anyone
So do we do nothing at all?

How do we begin?


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