Love held high

I never knew that pain could bleed beauty
Had I known I would have let myself fall
Become vulnerable in your sight
Consumed by your power
And not held you back from my weak core
So that you could paint the skies with the colors
of my broken soul
I’d break into pieces and come together as art
For you to admire once again
And to hang on your wall as a prize
Remembering a time you knew me
I’d stop holding on to my own strengths
stop fighting to be perfect and let go
Only to be gotten
And made whole again
Into art that would fill the skies
Paint brushed from the east to the west
So that all could see what love
Looks like when it’s held high
I never knew that pain could sound like
Songs by an angel
Had I known I’d let myself cry
Those moments when I felt like nothing
And felt like everything
And nothing again
You standing there would make me wonder
How someone could ever want to be held
and comforted by the person who hurt them
And although I’m still standing
You took a piece of me
And you made it yours for a moment
Held it as if forever would be reality
when it was just us stopping time


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