Public schools need aid too.

How do we expect future generations to be contributors to society if their window of opportunity to learn in our public schools system is hindered by lack of resources and healthy learning settings? This is only one example of course as we can name many in our own backyards but at what point will the conditions of schools make it on the priority list on the federal level? We expect aid to come in after natural disasters but when does an environment unfit for students become a disaster? When all of the kids drop out?


Take a few minutes to check out an article  I read today that strung a nerve. I mean, this isn’t news to me but every so often we forget about other cities, other kids, other everything. We worry about our own and don’t consider the gaps that occur simultaneously in other parts of the country. This article includes images from public schools in Detroit and it’s safe to say that this is reality in many other cities across the country…in 2016.




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