Walking in someone else’s shoes


Inspired by the documentary “On the way to school” by Pascal Plisson.

In response to the prompt: Walking in someone else’s shoes

I’m not wearing any shoes
The journey ahead would only tear them wide open
They’d be filled with sand and covered in mud
So I stay barefoot
All ninety or so minutes
From the hug from my mother
To the first lesson at my desk

When I grow up, I want to get money
Have a better life than this struggle
Help my family

Even though we live so far away from the city
My mother sends me to school
I know a girl whose family is rich and they don’t send her to school
So I have to do good
For my future, for my family

I’m not wearing any shoes but I wear a smile
And make my brothers laugh
Because that’s more important than things

After all, we come into this world with nothing
We leave with nothing
That is my motto
And I sure wasn’t born wearing shoes


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