This was written during the first ever community writing group session with The Common Sage on 10/08/14. 15 months later, community members from all walks of life continue to gather around the table to write, listen, share and engage in meaningful discussions.

Prompt: When you look in the mirror

My mirror has been cracked
Nobody told me it would one day break into pieces
And that someday I’d have trouble seeing
The many pieces of me

I don’t remember it falling
But I left
Came back
Took a look
I see cracks

Parts of me still look the same
Curly hair, red lips
I’m still Puerto Rican
But there are parts I don’t recognize

My eyes now have fire
I’m scared to speak to the girl in the mirror
She looks angry
And the bags under her eyes
This girl is tired

And if I could find her smile
Maybe it fell to the floor
And stayed in the pile of shatter glass
Who is this girl and how did I fail to meet her?

They say mirrors lie but I never thought
They’d steal your identity in the process of
Bettering your life for the
American Dream

Next time I want to see myself
I’ll close my eyes and image
The girl that once was



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