15 Lessons from 2015


In no particular order:

  1. Be mindful about how you make others feel.
  2. If you’re going to make a mistake, make it big and make it count. Make it a lesson to remember.
  3. Become a listener. Speak only when it improves the silence.
  4. Learn from others. Observe. Don’t judge. Just connect the dots.
  5. Friends are not commitments.
  6. The smarter I get, the harder it is to find a man.
  7. Be selfish with your time. Include yourself in your schedule.
  8. Give as many chances as you want given to you. Forgiveness frees.
  9. Cherish the family you’ve been given.
  10. Don’t wait for birthdays and holidays to give.
  11. When opportunities are offered, take them.
  12. It’s ok to say NO.
  13. Keep on learning. Read a book. Watch a documentary.
  14. Be content with where you’re at- your job, living space- while improving your situation.
  15. Love hard, no matter how big the heartbreak. Never regret it.


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