You remind me of the last day of summer
Still hot with a touch of ocean
But cool enough to make me forget
The Death to take place around me
When Fall arrives, it doesn’t knock
And it sure doesn’t sit down for a cup of tea
If you were Fall, I’d say we’ve never really
Gotten acquainted
Because you come and go so soon
But you remind me of the last day of summer
So bitter sweet and bitter on my lips
Yet I still want to kiss yours
And remember how rough the sand felt
Between my toes
And how loud the waves would crash
Do you know how that clashing sound makes me sleep?
You remind me of the last day of summer
You were here in your shorts and you left in your
Shorts and you stood there by the door
Wearing a sombrero from Cancun and holding your
Red Sox hat because I got you tickets
You didn’t want to be late so you held them
as if it meant that the date would come faster
Then Fall came and I didn’t recognize you anymore
Because it’s summer that brings you back to me
Memories of sun filled rooms and sweat on my brows
Fall just makes you blurry
Like I don’t see your face clearly anymore
And I reach out to you and can never reach you
To touch you and see if you still
Feel like summer
Because you remind me of why I was born in July
And my thoughts of you rest in September
Until it’s time to remember you again


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