The Great I AM

Whoever said Love hurts was wrong

God is Love and has no plan to cause harm

Plans to prosper, and give you hope

Love that showers

Love that never fails

 Whoever said nothing last forever

Does not see

That the one who died on the cross for you and me

Did so to take away our iniquities

And give us everlasting life

If we only believe

 Whoever said trust no one

Was right about man

For our limited promises

Aren’t enough to withstand

The letdowns and downfalls

Of heroes all around

The word says, do not put your trust in man

But trust God, first with all your heart

Do so in this order

And the favor of man should impart

 Whoever said it’s impossible

Does not have faith

For the possibilities that lie ahead

When our master takes the lead

Are without number,

Or without a certain pace

Victory after victory

Are the result of believing for Glory

When you trust in the living God

And let Him write your story

 Whoever said, I cannot

Does not know the one who can

He hasn’t witnessed miracles, signs and wonders

Of the great I AM

Has only seen with eyes of the flesh

And not with the heart, which expands

All vision, of sight to what the spirit sees

Touching the beauty of His being

Smelling the scent of peace in the morning

Hearing an Angel sing during a storm

 He has not felt the presence of our guide

He has not eaten of the fruit of life

Hasn’t raised his hands up to give a praise

To the one who saved his life

 Hasn’t realized how powerful believing can be

Or experienced life beyond a job and crumbled dreams

 Has only thought of what it would seem

To know true love and be set free

Whoever questions His word today

Let the sun not shine and the moon not play

Let the clouds hide the stars

And the wind take flight

To send the leaves falling down

In every which way tonight

 Let the waters get still

No more waves to guide our sails

Let the rain forget to fall

 Let all who sing and play music


 And all who dance to the music, sit down

 For whosoever does not see

That His hand makes our world go round

Needs a reminder of who created


 Our Creator, our Father

The one who spoke and things became

Forgives us all

And by Grace we have been claimed

 Whoever does not accept Him as their savior

May I cross their paths one day

And shine a light of His love for me

So that they too may be saved

Miss V 08/28/12

One Response to “The Great I AM”
  1. Belinda Orta says:

    Very nice

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