When I say I DO

I want the whole world to hear that the love I have committed to is a love you should fear

Fire could not burn down the link of this new pair in Holy matrimony

I want to make the engaged question their own engagment and wonder if they got what it takes

I want God to look down and smile and say this is why I created you

I want the witnesses to take note of the act in front of them and hold us accountable for our actions

Of Love.

When I say I DO

I am saying that aside from God, you are the man I will submit to

You are the head of the house and I shall be by your side

We will take on this new life together, Bonny and Clyde

Our marriage will be an example to others, nothing to hide

Secrets will be enemies to the truth, where our success lies

When I say I DO

I want you to feel it in the bottom of your gut, wherever you may be at that moment

I want you to know that someone decided they could make room in their busy life to fit me in

I want you to know that your last chance is up at the sound of those words

I waited for you long enough for you to come and steal me away

As you stole my heart years ago

When I say I DO

I want to water my wedding flowers with all the tears I shed for you

I want to pay the catering bill with the debt of answers you owed me

I want to dance with my new husband what we learned in the dance class you would not go to with me

I want to face all my guests with the fearless attitude all the arguments we had gave me

I want to shake all their hands with the hand you chose not to take

Wrong hand I know, no mistake

When I say I DO

It will remind me of how you DID NOT

It will remind me of how many times I asked you to be mine

It will remind me of how my love for you never ended but my love for myself was much stronger, I had to move on

When I say I DO

I will be saying that it was not my mistake, it was yours

Your inaction, was an action

Your waiting game, made me push fast forward

And now the person who will take me will forever have my love

When I say I DO

I am really saying Good Bye

Two words

Too late

Game over


Miss V 05/18/12


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