I am Ready for Love

India Arie’s I am ready for love inspired this.

Listening to I am ready for love
Is like hearing my thoughts in a song
How I feel about us or the thought of
What could have been, was and now will never be
They say never say never but how long is long enough?
It’s been six years and counting and our love now has rust
It’s been left out to dry and accumulate dust
Love has to be molded, caressed, it needs a chance, trust

I am ready for love
But why are you so afraid?
Afraid of what can become of you and I one day?
Nervous about what others may say?
I am ready for love, despite come what may
It’s been too long since I’ve heard you say the three words that stole my heart
It’s been too long since a kiss from you felt genuine, free from lust
It’s been too long since my love has bounced back and been felt in my soul
Yet, it was long enough to envision you and I old
It was long enough for me to be sold
To the idea of us conquering the world hand in hand
Long enough to think that by now you should be my man
Long enough to wonder what have I done to cause this distance
Distance that has been eliminated in the physical but still far when you here
Miles that have been erased to ensure that we could reach another year

It’s been a long journey of trials and learning about me
I grew in you and saw you grow and am still yearning to see
Who you will become in due time with your goals and your dreams
What you’ll achieve in your time and how far you will go
The plans you have shared with me, that you’ll reap what you sow

I am ready for love but you aren’t ready for me
I’ve waited longer than most would for a love that may never be
I’ve been patient and have prayed that my decisions have been right
I’ve prayed to God to give me clarity on us night after night

I am ready for love but you won’t be a part of it
I need a love that is here for me now, not on layaway
Life happens now, you can’t plan each step as you choose
Love happens in the moment and what you don’t hold on to, you’ll lose

I am ready for love and have given you so much, but you see
I’m saving the rest for who ever wants all of me
You’ll see what I mean when you watch your friends wed
You’ll understand the concept of commitment, when the vows are said

I am ready for love and will keep loving as I have
You will always be my sunshine, no one else could take that place
I’ll always love you that’s for sure
But can’t keep going at this pace
My love is like whoa
I can’t control how deep I love, how strong it is
It’s the only way I know
I love for real, with no ending
It’s the only way I know
I am ready for love
Sorry that for you, it’s a no
I hope you will be ready one day
Even sadder that you let us go
I am ready for love
For you it’s not so easy
But like the guy in that movie said,
Love me or Leave me.

Miss V 4/2012


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