Broken promises aren’t meant to be spoken

Two people meet

They exchange smiles, their gaze runs for miles

It’s as if planet earth has hit a stop button

Everything else seems like nothing, obsolete

And these two fine people are in for a treat

Two people meet

No names, just faces

No history, baggage nor traces


Of any other fine creatures being a part of their lives

A smile turns to gaze, sweaty palms, butterflies in her belly

He has found his bait

But wait

She has found something of the contrary

A man she could see herself with

After tonight

After their first kiss

They meet

First names are spoken

The rest is mystery

Drinks and dance lead to a flaky trust

Enough to allow Mr. Man to feed his lust

For one night

Two people meet

And before the clock strikes twelve,

Together they leave

She has no idea where he lives

But goes with him anyway

He has already scored in his mind

Play by play by play

One night of intensity, passion

And an eternity of sadness

What would you forfeit your dignity for?

A fine guy who walked you out the bar?

Would he be so smooth that you can’t resist,

Knowing that he’ll surely leave a scar?

Another guy taking a glimpse of what was once beauty

But now is cheap

Another guy taking your self esteem

In exchange for a place to sleep

Another guy speaking sweet yet empty words

When he really sounds like a creep

But you go anyway and let him have you

Your pain is so strong, this will let your wounds bleed

Enough to make it through another day

Of ignoring what’s hiding underneath

You see, he didn’t just take off her clothes

He stripped her of her dignity

Ripped off every bit of hope

And stole more than her virginity

He murdered her self esteem

And placed it in a coffin of misery

Complete with a time bomb

Set at nine months precisely

See, this guy is just another guy lost in lust

Taken over by the way of the world

He thinks he is the Man

But only a real man knows a woman’s worth

And too many just don’t understand

One major problem here is the girl

Sure you can say she was tricked

But we all have the freedom to set the bar at its highest

So we don’t end up jipped

By our own selfishness

You see what happen was….was that she saw a man who looked at her

He acknowledge her presence

He told her she was beautiful

What she heard was a man who said she’s not like the others

You are special

Something her daddy never told her

What she felt was the strength of a man holding her

With the eerie similarity in feeling of his embrace


Leaving her to walk home alone that night

Her daddy never hugged her

What she thought was if I give him my most prized possession

He’ll want more

He’ll want me more than just tonight

But her watered down perception of herself

Made her look replaceable in his eyes

He saw Bait



Trapped inside a beautiful capsule called her body

Not once did he plan on his actions resulting in reciprocity

But you are only beautiful when it radiates from within

Only the sun shines and makes the flowers grow

Only a healthier way of living would make her lost self show

Two people meet

In a bar, on some street

In a club, at the movies

Broken promises has a way of finding you

Where ever you are easily

When you leave behind your dignity

Two people meet

First names are spoken

Let’s fast forward a bit

One heart gets broken

Lost one

How far will you go for a love you will never find in this world?

What will you offer up in return for you eternal soul?

When will you realize you are more than enough

And deserve more

When will you tap into all that God has in store?

Miss V 04/06/12


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