Connecting the dots

We meet people every day. Sometimes we delve into a new connection in hopes that we have found the right person. Other times, we let people we meet slip away without ever knowing the impact they could have had on our lives.

This week has been a lesson in connections. It has taught me to not be afraid to reach out. It has proven that sometimes the person you are reaching out to might just have been waiting for someone to reach out to them for help in any given area, a project, a cause.

This week I met (over the phone) Jessica Mann, the Founder and Executive Director of an amazing organization called Empowering Youth Through Travel. This non-profit is based in Chicago. It focuses on the fact that many urban, inner city youth never get the opportunity to leave their communities and venture out into the world on a global level. It allows youth to go out and become student embassadors in a foreign country all while preparing them for the journey while home through its educational component.

I found Jessica while visiting blogs online after recently starting my own for creative writing purposes but with the bigger purpose of reaching out to anyone interested in starting a youth organization with a travel component. At first, I had mixed feelings when I came across this organization. I thought, someone else is already doing this! Like with so many products out there where competition is through the roof, non-profits have begun to follow a similar trend in “re-inventing the wheel.” I believe there are too many organizations out there that are crumbling and struggling to stay afloat when in reality, if many of them collaborated their efforts, their impact would be more powerful.

I, in change, took a second look at this organization with different eyes and an open mind. I thought, how great would it be if I can get involved with EYTT anyway and possibly see the birth of a chapter of the organization right here in LA in the near future? What happened next was more than a dream. It was an answered prayer. I was able to connect with Jessica over the phone which marked the beginning of my journey in finding my calling in life. It may sound dramatic to some, but it truly is what I have been looking for and I have found it.

Dreaming. And believing.

Miss V

One Response to “Connecting the dots”
  1. EYTT says:

    Thank you for this, Jessica. I am SO happy you pushed through any fear or discomfort in reaching out to us. As you mention in your post, collaboration is key and organizations with similar missions should do MORE of it. I look forward to working together, collaborating, and watching our dreams manifest into a reality greater than we could have ever imagined!


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