Dear Beautiful Girl

Click here, read, and share with the little ones in your life. I wrote this with this music in the background.

01 Adele – Someone Like You (Karaoke _ Instrumental)

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Look at yourself in the mirror

Look at the innocence that still remains

And save the passion for later

Look at your eyes and how deep they go

Get lost in your own depth, your own show

Others will call you pretty but call yourself beautiful

Others will say you are worth it, but know you are a gem, one of a kind

Some may want to give you the world, but know that you have been given life

One will want you as their one and only, be sure they also want you as their wife

Beautiful girl

Don’t let any boy make you cry

Let yourself get so inspired by beauty that your tears may fall from lack of words

Get caught up in your dreams and awake every day to reach them

Laugh at yourself every day and find joy within

Keep God in mind in all you do as you grow

Mistakes will happen, it’s how we learn, this we know

Don’t let anything stop you from going far

Keep your eye on the highest star and it will guide you there

Keep good friends around you to make the journey fun

And even closer to you, your dad and your mom

Beautiful girl

Look in the mirror and see

Look at the amazing person God sees

He creates us all unique and in His image

You are his daughter and his joy, keep His image

Look at your smile and how big it gets when you are happy

Keep smiling every day and make others happy

Look at how fast time flies and how big you have gotten

Look at how your parents stand behind you and how they protect your every move

Look at that love they have shown you, and how endless it proves

Beautiful girl

Don’t take your eyes off the mirror

The world will make you look at yourself through foggy windows and broken glass

It will make you look at yourself through a waterfall, or shallow puddle on the street

It will have you looking in a fitting room telling you, it does not look that good

You’ll be focused on the rear view mirror thinking of how you should and could

If you take your eyes off the mirror

The world will give you one in return

This one will call you average, it will leave you feeling empty

Like you are missing the shine from the one at home in your heart

It will make you see yourself through the eyes of someone else who tries to capture your heart

Guard your heart

Keep it whole

Take the mirror that God’s given you and keep it in your pocket

For when you walk out into the dark world

You can hold it up and still see


One of a kind

A gem

A beautiful girl

Miss V


Dedicated to my little sister who turned 13 this year. A teenager. A newcomer in the world of troubled teens, low self-esteem, boyfriends, loss of innocence. Let’s face it. It’s 2012. These things happen now at a younger age. I write this letter to my little sister in love and in good hope that her eyes stayed fixed on the good and her heart stays pure.

3 Responses to “Dear Beautiful Girl”
  1. Jocelyn says:

    ❤ Ya!
    Always N 4eva

  2. Belinda Orta says:

    That was beautiful and touching. I hope she will cherish those words of good faith. Don’t stop writing. God is using you in a very special way:)


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