What an interesting week. Unlike last week, where things just kept getting better and better, this week had a different approach towards me. At first it came up to me and said what’s up, how are you doing? And I was like, pretty good actually, high off life.

But then things like learning that LA truly has the strictest traffic laws in the country and that four parking tickets in one year, paid or not, can result in a suspended license and then finding my third parking ticket of this year hanging from my windshield wipers from who knows when was a surprise. And how about going to the mall on my break with a coworker and being complimented on my earrings which I sell only to realize that I had no business cards on me (while all 500 of them are at home) or catalogs.

Ok, theses aren’t the worst things that can happen to anyone during their week. Actually, they are miniscule compared to real problems I could have relating to my health and well being but when you are constantly working on yourself to better yourself on the daily, these things kind of slap you across your bum and make you say to yourself, ‘c’mon now, get it together!’

I have had many ‘c’mon now, get it together’ moments in this past year with obstacles that have come along the way with my move across the country yet no matter how many times we are giving these moments of reflection, they continue to happen anyway. What does it take for someone to actually get it together? Does it take getting a disease, or getting arrested, or losing a job?

Going broke?

I took these moments as moments to remind me to stay on my game, to stay on point, to not lose focus. The parking ticket was annoying because not only was it a bit more than 60 bucks, it was 60 bucks that I needed to let’s say, fill up my gas tank for the week. I took those moments as God’s way of saying, if you truly want more for your life, the little things along the way are going to count just as much as the big things.

So next time I visit my friend, I won’t park in the corner I have been parking in for the last 8 months but I will leave it in the alley near his apartment because according to him it would be safer there LOL. My response? No problem. I’ll text you the address to where they towed it to so you can go pick it up.

But on a more serious note, I will not leave my place anymore without my business cards and at least one catalog because you never you know who will compliment you on your jewelry or ask about how to purchase it. I have been saying for months now that I want to get rolling with this lia sophia jewelry business to make some extra money so that I could actually do some living out here in LA. Shame on me if I am not prepared when an opportunity to book a show/party is laid out right in front of me like candy.

So, Letters of Gratitude, no I did not forget. Gratitude comes in many forms and is taught in many ways. This week the moments weren’t as evident as getting free tickets to a show or running into a celeb, but they were experiences that made me re-focus to make me better for next week. And for that I am MOST thankful.

‘Til next week.

Miss V

  1. Belinda Orta says:

    Hey. Keep focused and never give up. God is with you and always will be. 🙂


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