A girl can Dream

Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles watching Fela! Broadway Musical

Last night had somewhat of a twist. I was beyond excited to go to the Ahmanson Theatre with my coworkers courtesy of my boss’ wife Gina to watch Fela! and look who I ran into! I am part of that generation that grew up watching Saved by the Bell before school every morning and AC Slater was definitely my teeny bopper years celeb crush. Living in LA has brought a whole new perspective on these celebs as you often are in the midst of the stars or in my case like last night, get a moment to meet them and get up close and personal.

I was thinking about what I was going to write today for the past couple days and going to the theatre was definitely a highlight but I have to say that my girly girl came out last night because I was totally starstruck. He was GORGEOUS.

Anyhow, aside from going to bed and dreaming up our wedding (lol, ok I’ll relax now), I had a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed going to the Griffith Observatory with my roommate/friend Yartiza along with our mutual friend Rachel and geeking out. It’s nice to get out and do something different. We ended the night at Cafe 101 in Hollywood where we each drank/slurped up a delicious signature milk shake. Or at least I did, the other two ladies were good and left some behind.

And Fela! ? Well, it was something to be seen for yourself. The music and DANCING was phenomenal. I had zero knowledge going in on what it was about, who Fela was, and what to expect. I left with some knowledge of important events in Nigeria, important events in music, and with the desire to go dance and “work my clock” as the actor would say. It was so much fun!

I am so grateful for these moments and look forward to a year filled with good times as I like to say with good company.

2 Responses to “A girl can Dream”
  1. Belinda Orta says:

    I’m jealous girl. That is cool to be able to meet some favorite celebrities. I was excited to read what you had to say. It’s like a mini series. Can’t wait for more. Good night.


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