Sunday, January 1st. 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 was an eventful year for me. I moved on from a job I held for four years in Boston and took a new one across the country with little notice to my family, friends and even myself. I have always wanted to live in LA ever since my many visits during college. Well, I finally did it. Aside from the move, which brings stress in itself, I was met with many challenges that I could not ignore. I took them on with the strength that came through my love of God, family and friends, as well as the new friends and family I met along the way. Regardless of how big the challenges were, nothing was too big to handle. Moving forward now.

I am thankful for 2011. It was tough but then again, I made it tough. My decisions resulted in situations of stress as well as circumstances where I will have to work harder now for what I want in 2012. Despite the struggles, I can only be thankful and hold no regrets. The rest of my days will always be the best of my days and I look forward to every single one them.

As for this past week? Oh boy, I am happy. Correction, I have joy. I feel so blessed to be spending my last days of 2011 with my closest friends and my family. It has been an amazing few days from dining with friends over my favorite chinese food at Golden House or dancing and singing kareoke with my parents at Bali’s. And you can’t forget the laughter or delicious desserts and bellinis with my sister Rosa and friends at Tuscan Kitchen. And surprising my grandmother with a cake for her 85th birthday and seeing her get teary eyed knowing that her family loves her so. And meeting up with my coworkers from my old job Anne and Sue (my Italian momma) at Jimmys. The list goes on! Sushi dining with my friend Mario was great. And crashing my friend/sister’s house on New Year’s Eve with my family singing carols “latino style” also known as “parandiando” all while playing our makeshift instruments we made from pots, pans, and utensils. Those are the moments you cherish. It was a classic moment.

Attending my old church was a great experience today and a nice way to start my year. I am proud of my brother-in-law Pastor Tomas Orta for leading the first english service in a spanish spoken church. Watching him preach an amazing service to my family and the new members of the church makes me proud to be a part of this family. I look forward to visiting soon and watching the growth of the church in this falling city of Lawrence.

As you can see, I am thankful for so much. I can keep going. As for this moment, I will be wrapping up and getting back to some more family time on my last night home before I head back to LA. We will be playing Taboo, and I can get competitive!

I look forward to writing in my Letters of Gratitude every Sunday. It will not only get me writing 🙂 but will allow me to stay grounded this year and remember that I need to always count my blessings first before even thinking about counting my issues. To everyone reading this, Happy New Year! God Bless you. Let Him.

Open up your hearts and you will see the blessings pour in on your lives.

‘Til next Sunday.

Miss V


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