3 steps of faith

Know Him. Love Him. Serve Him.

Those were the words spoken over and over today during the sermon given at Fountain of Salvation Church in Lawrence, MA during my trip back home. It was a great start to my year in my journey of growing closer to God as the sermon reminded me that no matter how much I learn and how close I feel I am with God, there will ALWAYS be room for more. ALWAYS be room for growth.

Before we start serving the Lord we must have a desire to do so which comes from loving Him. And before we can start to love Him we must know Him. And knowing him is much different than knowing about Him. We must come to a point in our lives where we want more for ourselves, more for our family, more for our communities. When you start to get that drive within you for better things, a better life, purpose, a reason for living, something starts to happen. A fire lights up inside with your curiosity of something greater. We wonder, is there something greater than us out there? And when you have your moment of having your first encounter with God, you will understand where I come from when I can publically say I love Him.

After getting to know him intimately, talking with God (praying), you will start to understand more about Him. Reading the word will become easier to understand. You will not understand it all but it will definitely become clearer with your desire. Knowing God more will eventually lead you to loving Him. Loving Him for who He is and what He has done for us. And lastly, when you love someone you want to serve them. When you love God, you will want to be like Him and being like Him means serving others. Doing for another what you would want to be done unto you. Regardless of who the person is. Your family, your friends, strangers. The homeless.

Use these 3 steps of faith this year if you have the slightest curiosity of what having a relationship with God really means. We hear people talk about it, but what does it really feel like? Try it! I will, again. And  again and again and again.

As Pastor Tomas said today, make this your main goal this year. To Know Him. To Love Him. To Serve Him. And if you are already doing that, then make the following your goal: To Know Him more, To Love Him more, to Serve Him more.

May God bless you all.

Next week: In His Presence Church in Woodland Hills, CA with Pastor Mel Ayers

Miss V

3 Responses to “3 steps of faith”
  1. Audrey Torres says:

    May god continue to bless you both personally and professionally. You truely are an inspiration. Your words are both comforting and strong, because as I read the 3steps of faith you mention in this page, not only do they speak to me verbally, like if you were physically speaking to me, but they leave me with a vision that living with hope and never living helpless no matter the situation, is believing the 3steps of faith. Knowing god, loving god, and serving him should be our first calling always. Everything else can come second.

    Audrey (Lawrence, Ma)

    • Your comment left me teary eyed, it brought a smile to my face, and it also confirmed that I made a good decision about starting this blogging site. I had wondered if anyone would ever find it and if they did, if it would it touch them in any way. Well, I am very happy to know that it is a family member it reached that I have not had contact with in a long time. How amazing.

      Thank you for your encouraging words and I pray that you are well. Much love your way.

      -Miss V

      P.S. Keep reading 🙂

  2. Belinda Orta says:

    As your older sister, I want you to know that I am very proud of you for your courageousness. I am glad you were able to visit. Never stop believing. I know that many good things are to come. God Bless you always!


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