A Million Hits

Inspired by a youngin’ named Justin Beiber.

He sings into the camera
Hoping millions will see
A million hits he awaits
Listen to me
He prays
A smile so pure it calls for no debate
He writes lyrics to sweep the girls of their feet
Songs that melt the ice with little heat
As they are seldom sexy but rather sweet
He builds his own image
His fans he won’t cheat
He listens to their beat
And selects words that will overcome his
In any angel’s eyes
Which makes his mother cry
Tears of joy as she wonders why
And her
And them
She stands beside him
His biggest fan
She doesn’t wish to be a part of the glitz and glam
But is only proud they made it this far
Without a man
Her smile, her laugh says it all
Proudest mommy of them all
Her little boy no longer small is growing up in from of us all
“Always said believe in love cuz it’s a game that cant be real.
“I’ll never write a fairytale, but I’ll show you how it feels”
He sings
And he smiles
And he knows he is blessed
He knows that unique are his traits and his talents may not be the best
But the innocence that still lingers within is one to arrest
And hold onto as long as possible before the scene tries to
Take it all
And await his fall
Don’t all heroes fall?

One Response to “A Million Hits”
  1. Rosa says:

    This is great. I love how it rhymes, but maintains its seriousness in tone..the message is great.


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