Getting old

Have you ever stopped and looked in a mirror and thought to yourself, “I am getting old?” Or better yet, have looked at someone else who you have known for years and noticed a difference? The feeling can be a strange one.

We live such busy lives that we don’t stop often enough to notice these things and then wake up and realize that our parents are getting old, our grandparents are even older, and we are heading in that direction too. What do we have to show for our time in our lives to date? What have we accomplished?

This weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about this. I thought about my aging in a physical way but then remembered that the essence of my being is more than physical, but spiritual. I am an everlasting soul with a body that will not last forever and if I want this body to last as long as possible, I need to treat it right. Eat well. Exercise. Sleep. The mind is also important to keep “fit” as it also deteriorates with time if you forget to keep it strong.

I know I am not “old.” But I am also not as young as I was. When I think about it, it’s funny how perspective changes over time with this concept of age. When I was 19, I thought I was mature. I thought I knew so much. I thought I looked older than let’s say a 14-15 year old girl. Looking back at pictures and memories, I realize how young I really was and how little I actually knew. Now that I know more, I can accept the fact that five years from now I will probably say something similar and laugh again.

So what is the problem with getting old anyway? Women have this thing where they stop stating their age after a certain age and I can admit I have already begun to do the same. Fortunately, I have good genes and I appear to look years younger than what I am. Yet, I am beginning to accept the fact that I am getting old and that it happens whether or not I make an issue out of it AND that it is a beautiful process.

It is beautiful when you see yourself getting older. It is also beautiful watching someone you love getting older. You wonder what someone will look like in a few years and you smile because you look forward to the changes. Everything has its season and with each season comes new experiences and wisdom.

Moral of this story? Don’t be afraid of aging! Instead, enjoy the process. Age beautifully. Your attitude is a huge part of the process.

One Response to “Getting old”
  1. Rosa says:

    True. You raise a great point here miss Jessi. Your attitude is a huge part of the process and can affect how you look, but more importantly, how you feel.


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