Big Sister

 It’s hard at times being a big sister when you are only a few years older and look younger than your younger sister at times. It’s also hard to be a big sister when you have had a big sister yourself and a very good role model indeed. You try your best to be someone your siblings look up to and could call when they need anything.

<——– That girl on the right is Rosa. She is one of my younger sisters and is close in age (as you can see in the similarities). We have had our ups and downs throughout the years with personality clashes, times of mistrust, other times of disagreements related to family, relationships, you name it. But what is great about our relationship is that no matter what the disagreement in the past, we have been able to move forward and now have a great relationship. It’s too bad it has gotten better and better as I have been father away, now living 3,000 miles away from home.

Nonetheless, sisterly relationships are important to maintain and to cherish as you only have a few years of young adulthood living as single beings, not married, no children when you can actually work on strengthening your relationship. I look forward to her being in the same city in the spring of 2013 as she finishes her college education at Emerson at the Los Angeles campus.

I look forward to using that time to make new memories, to further strengthen our relationship, and to have fun with my sis.

This is for all of you big sisters out there who have felt the pressure of having to do things right all the time in order for your siblings to look up to you. Newsflash! You will make mistakes. Just take them with a grain of salt, learn from them, discuss them, and move forward with your relationship. Sisters are special to have. They are the friends we were born with. And friends you would wish to never die without.

To my sis Rosa.

Love you lots.


One Response to “Big Sister”
  1. Rosa Ivette says:

    Awww, so glad you wrote this! xoxox


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