Girls Night In

We all remember those slumber parties when we were little girls, that is, if our parents allowed us to participate. For those of you who were not deprived as a child in this sense (no offense lol), we remember how fun it was to be in your PJs and just sit around eating snacks, watching movies, and talking about boys. Well, those days don’t have to end. I had the pleasure of having an “adult sleepover” and no, not the kind where a guy spends the night but the kind where ladies my age “twenty somethings” came over in comfy clothes, brought movies, made popcorn and laid out on the living room floor with blankets and pillows for hours. We giggled, told funny stories of our weeks, and yes, we talked about boys. Guys, Men. Whatever.

I had a blast! We all said so out loud. “We should do this more often! This was fun!” And it’s true. People should do this more often if they even do it at all. I think most ladies our age get caught up on living as a yuppy (young urban professional) and get soaked up into relationships that they tend forget about their girlfriends. They forget what it was like to hang out with other ladies and just be themselves—not worry about makeup, what outfit you are wearing, and what you are saying. Just being yourself. Silly. Real.

And we can’t forget the wine. It made things funnier than what they were. Especially the midnight walk to the grocery store between movies in an effort to get Bridesmaids, ice cream, cool mints, sour wormies, and diet cola. The people at the store probably thought we were up to no good but it’s ok. We were just four girls having a lot of fun on our way back home with snacks to watch movie #2. And it was just that. FUN.


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