To call or not to call

People, we have lost touch with the art of communication. We have forgotten the value behind making personal connections which leave a lasting print on someone’s heart. We pick up the phone and then do not call. We text. That is, when we actually remember to do make any contact in the first place.

What happened to writing out invitations and sending them out in the mail the “old fashion way?” Is it old fashioned to do such things? I like to believe that it is not. I still pick up the phone and call people I have not spoken with in some time. I call friends from back home, friends at my old job back in Boston, and family members. A text here and there with a quick message like “hope your day is going well” or “miss you” do go a long way and so I do not want to be mistaken. Yet, gearing solely towards quick communication methods is just sooooo impersonal. Sometimes I respond as if I never received the text in the first place. It is possible. Who is going to have the nerve to come up to you and ask you “did you get my text inviting you over for…” anyway?

With that said, I will stay true to my statement in my first post which said I was not going to spend time magnifying issues but that I would spend the time magnifying the greater things. Change. Experiences and learning from them. The art of moving forward.

I will make it my personal goal to connect more with people on a more intimate level in the next year. I know how great it feels to get a call from an old friend or a hug and “how are you” from a new friend. Those simple moments make a big difference in someone’s day and do not go unnoticed.

Please think twice next time before you send out that text. Just dial the number and call.

They will be happy you did.


Miss v

2 Responses to “To call or not to call”
  1. Rosa Ivette says:

    This is a great topic that many people can relate to! I’m such a “Write a Letter” non-facebook type of girl. I love that you’re spreading more of this type of communication. The REAL type.

  2. Cynthia Bee says:

    This was such a sweet post to read! I think the same way sometime. Since moving to Cali I’ve learned the measure the depth of friendships not by who texts, facebooks, or skypes me… but by who really pick up the phone and call. It’s going to extra mile to letting someone know you care. Great post!:)


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