By 1994, I was a writer.


I am ready to get back to blogging. This was truly my diary when I lived in LA in 2011. It was my way of keeping in touch with my family back home as they would read up on my latest venture and poetry-my experiences put into words that were sometimes hard to come up with over the phone.

Whether or not someone out there is reading this is not something I think  about too much. I know I can just write in a diary but there is something about being vulnerable with your thoughts and putting them out there. From experience, doing so has helped people. It helped a cousin of mine who later passed after following my blog for a few months. She read my Letters of Gratitude on Sundays while battling cancer. I did not know she was dying but I later found that my positive posts would bring her joy. So that is why I keep writing. Because somewhere out there someone might see it and that someone may be touched too.

Let’s see where this goes…

Miss V.


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